Watch The Best Halo 4 Players In The World Blast Each Other To Bits

Back when I took Halo pretty seriously (Halo 1/Halo 2) there were very little resources for players to watch and learn from the best in the world — nowadays? The top pros are all streaming on a daily basis. If you want to get good at Halo 4, and learn from the top players in the world it's relatively easy.

Back in the Halo 2 days, my favourite player to watch was Dave 'Walshy' Walsh — a player known for being lethal in close encounters. Walshy is mostly retired now, but he recently posted a great clip of him playing with a host of younger pros and, whaddaya know, he's still got it!

I still have my reservations about some of the new multiplayer mechanics being added to the Halo series, but it's great to watch some of the best players in the world explore new systems and figure out how to adapt.

Great stuff.


    I'm sorry but it's still hard to take MLG "competitive" playing seriously. Especially when you're talking about players "retiring" from a videogame.

      Best Halo 4 Players ?! what an over statement..........

    Colour me completely un-impressed. If this seriously is what passes for 'pro' play then it's a load of crap compared to the twitch fests of old with finite health and 100km/h movement speeds

      True, but I've never seen Halo as a twitch game. That's why I like it.

    Hmmm yeah I haven't played much of Halo 4 online yet but that looks incredibly slow paced and.... not impressive.

    I've seen people in previous Halo titles (even those who aren't that good) pulling awesome kill streaks.

    This was sub-par gameplay

      One interpretation of that video is that this is the most balanced Halo yet.

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