Watch These Black Ops II Players Put Everyone To Shame With Scoped Weapons

The latest Call of Duty title has been out for less than a day, but people are already rampaging their way through the multiplayer and quick-scoping enemies to death.

Check out the montage above, courtesy of AmazingFilms247, where you'll see snipers and an ACOG-attached weapon shred the opposing team.

Black Ops 2 First Ever QUAD (Sniping 6 Feed, 7 Feed) [YouTube]


    Maybe because every COD game is the same. If you are good at one there is a good chance you will be good at the next one.

    What was so good about that? It'c clear the other teams are full of noobs.

    ... Did I see them just kill a bunch of people pretty much standing completely still?


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    I just remembered why I didn't get this game.

    When will players learn that quickscoping isn't that impressive because of the huge aim assist with the first moment of aiming down the sights?

    Oh well, whatever makes them feel like a badass to compensate.

      ^This. Very much this. Auto-aim takes away any skill you really, truly need. Its just a case of 'how fast can you spam left trigger'

        yeah "no-skilling" takes no skill, just people who run straight at you or stand in the open.

    aaaannnnndddd there is the reason i dont play this game...

    I guess our definition of sniping varies wildly hey Tina.... *goes back to Arma 2*

    Wow this guy is pretty decent! He really really needs to get some colour balance going on his videos though. Shit looks GREY AS FUCK!

    Said it before, will say it again, after playing Arma2/DayZ for so long, COD is basically a Happy Meal toy.

      So well said, so so so well said! you made me lol!

      And one more lol for good measure!

      Haha gotta agree with you on that, ArmA2 has taken up majority of my time

    Most of those looked like bodyshots, or am I missing something?

      Nope, Snipers have always been OP in Call of Duty.

      It got so bad that when Battlefield 3 came out, a CoD player got onto the forums to complain about how the Sniper only takes out 74% of health when shooting in the body.
      The first response was from a PC player yelling at him to shoot them in the head and insulted him for using a console and thinking like that.

        I've never seen snipers as OP in CoD. In MW2 PC (didn't play BLOPS multi) if you weren't headshotting you weren't getting one-hit kills.

    It's not overly impressive when you realise the enemy team they're shooting is all bots.

      Hahaha yea. Knuckles.

    The day people like that get their own matches against equal opponents is the day I play COD again.

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