Watch This Guy Make The Cleanest Getaway Ever In Grand Theft Auto

This is like some kind of stunt porn from The Fast and the Furious, but it's still impressive to watch a guy get past a cop car and a SWAT roadblock, on a bridge entrance, without a scratch.

I might get the alignment checked after a drive like this, but damn. Fine work. Somewhere an action-movie screenwriter is writing a note to himself.

YouTube video uploaded by ddnewman

The Smoothest Police Evasion in GTA History [Dorkly]


    copying articles from dorkly is fun yo, should do it more often... OH WAIT!

    waste of 17 seconds ill never get back

      Would you like some Hot Chocolate to ease pain.

        thanks but allergic to Choclate

    Without a scratch? I'm pretty sure hitting the wall at that angle will some damage to the car.

    It was worth watching.

    Youse guys are no fun


      Not sure why all the hate, it was worth watching and was hardly a significant portion of your Sunday if you disagreed.

    It's more like a demonstration of how impossible the cars are to drive in GTA4.

    This is a terrible article to submit, I would even down vote this on Reddit.

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