We Might Be Getting A Game Called Yoshi's Land For The Wii U

So, remember how last week a guy got accidental access to a "mock" debug menu for the Wii U? There might be more to it than that.

While messing around in there, a description of a game called Yoshi's Land Wii U was found. That listing has since been found on retail sites.

Seeing as Nintendo is yet to announce the game, don't count this as confirmation, as retailers are free to conjure up whatever fantasies they want for their systems. But having them listed alongside the Miiverse description is certainly interesting.

Yoshi's Land [Future Shop]


    I certainly hope so - Yoshi's Island on SNES and DS were fantastic. A Yoshi's Land just sounds like the perfect extension of the formula.

    This was pointed out in the article about this already.

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