We Might Be Looking At The Next Generation Of... Indie RPGs

If you saw a screenshot of Sui Generis, you'd think, hey, look, it's another Diablo clone. But take a look at it moving. Those physics!

Developers Bare Mettle say the game is an "open world RPG for the PC", featuring "Advanced AI and a hugely interactive game world" and "lifelike battles in which your wits and skill matter most".

Sui Generis [Kickstarter, via PC Gamer]


    Very cool

    Nice idea, but nothing new. The reason most games don't already do this is because it adds a layer of complexity to balanced combat. It can make the game either too easy or too hard.

      I like the fact that this developer is going too do it anyway.

    That looked seriously awesome!
    I do wonder if they're going to have larger scale fights in the game, like a swarm of enemies vs the player. In that instance I'm not sure whether, based on character movement and attacks, it would still be fun.

    That looked amazing. First thought I had was Dark Souls from an isometric perspective.

    It does look cool, but also a little bit derpy. It's like all the characters are drunk.

      For what it's worth, I imagine it's quite difficult to move freely in plate armour.

    Interesting animations. I think I can enjoy this game while watching it fight hilariously. But to be honest those attacking animation might be how real life battle looks like.

    Have to remember that is still early in development.. all code written by a single person.. and it's an indie game.

    Taken in context, this is an awesome achievement already.. I would suggest you go and look at the full Kickstarter video as this, above, video is only the combat.. they've already got a lot of great stuff in the engine.

    I've yet to back this one but I am seriously considering it. There's a bit of negative feedback happening, it would seem.. but if you look a bit closer, it's actually just a small handful of exceptionally trolly trolls trying to trip the developers up. I searched around expecting to find post after post of negative things but there isn't.. it's just that handful of trolls.

      Yeah it's just the usual handful of 'if we can't stop you from having it, no-one will' and people who are obsessed with how something can't be done, instead of how it can be done...

    While the physics and the engine look very nice, I don't know if I like the whole procedurally generated character animation thing. As the demo shows, you just end up with a bunch of very odd drunk and uncoordinated looking people. I think a much better system would be lovingly hand crafted animations that then can blend with this physics system whenever the character needs to react to something dynamically, like when they get a mace to the face.

    It's impossible to make a system that completely drives the character realistically without any animation/mocap input, because not only are you dealing with the central nervous system, the skeletal structure, and the muscular system, but in real life there is also a person's mind driving their movements, and making split second decisions to move in certain ways. There is no way to replicate that without human input without getting into some serious uncanny valley territory. With an animator, they can give you a stylised, larger-than-life performance that will fit perfectly in a game environment.


    Only the upper body seems to be moving in the animations making it look kinda weird...

    Looks great, though they still need to work on it a bit...the amount of flailing going on is hilarious, I can't take it seriously enough. I want to, but I cant.

    This looks great!! I'd be interested to see how the combat actually feels to play, but that video alone is enough to get me excited.

    Cool and am well interested - and I've never really got into isometric RPG's. And now I know why. It's always been the lack of realistic attack and defense animations, where usually it's always been canned vertical/horizontal and 3 slash attack...

    Looks like they are part of the video clip for Ya Mama by Fatboy Slim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl2v0SDX5D4

    Push the tempo!

    looks like a cross between Diablo and Sumotori Dreams... which is awesome.

    What would be awesome is, if your character moved liked that at level 1, and became less unco-ordinated as you levelled up.

    Yeh.. this video, as I mentioned above, doesn't really do it justice.. if you check out the end of the main video on the KS site, you will see there is a big troll with a flail.. the troll is certainly not flailing around. The one you see in this video is a dual-wielding fighter.. and it, admittedly, looks funny.. perhaps that why they used it.. so people would have a laugh and see how fun it is.. but it's had the wrong effect on people who can only see the negative.

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