What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Halo 4. I will be playing Halo 4. What will you guys be playing this weekend?

As much as I have my problems with Halo 4's multiplayer — I really can't stand the ordanance drop system — I am absolutely loving the single player campaign. By my estimates it's going to be a long time before I play another video game. Probably the launch of the Wii U will be the only thing that could drag my cold dead hands away from my 360 controller.

But what are you guys playing this weekend?


    In the middle of a 4 day weekend, trying hard to finish Borderlands 2. I think I can do it!

    Might play a bit more Halo 4 too. I've only played the first mission so far.

    I'm hoping to play halo 4 as well, that's if I get it...

    Definitely more Starcraft 2. I've been putting in a fair few hours over the last couple of weeks and am dwelling comfortably at the top of Bronze league.

    I'm terrible but so are my opponents and that means that some hilariously bad games occur. As I keep playing, I'll probably improve but it turns out that this game really isn't as intimidating as people think it is. You just need to be prepared to laugh at your many failures.

      Sc2 is fun. Especially, as you said, in the lower leagues. Pity it's not more popular on SEA server

        I wish that I had a better connection so that I could just jump on NA or KR. Still, most of the time I don't have to wait too long to find an opponent, a couple of minutes at the absolute worst.

        The downside is that it looks like practically everyone near my skill level plays Protoss. I'm so sick of PvP this week.

      SC2 will prolly be my game of choice for this weekend as well; and maybe some BF3 when I am drunk.
      Play mostly 2v2 though but might give 1v1 a go as well. There is not much difference in latency to US servers but I still try to rock on SEA ^^

        My ping to NA is double that of SEA and my ping to SEA isn't that great either.

        I've been playing mainly 1v1 but when friends are online, we tend to get into the group games instead. Unfortunately, we tend to get placed too high in the group games, which means that we're just getting stomped.

        Luckily, that's not a problem. Getting stomped is just an excuse to start doing incredibly dumb builds, like only building Void Rays.

          We got placed in Diamond in 3v3 on the US servers and we are barely on a Silver skill lvl, that was a nightmare!

          So you switched races?

            Getting placed too high is a really weird thing. I bet a lot of players get scared off by it.

            I've almost always played Protoss. The only times I haven't was when I went out of my way to do truly bizarre things. This will probably start happening in team games. Who doesn't like seeing Planetary Fortress contains?

      I should play more StarCraft 2 as well. I only played 5 games last season, and it seems everyone's improved at a faster rate than I have. I'm in Platinum but I'm having a looooot of trouble against Gold players. I dunno if it works for anyone else and you might already do it but I find listening to music while playing helps to alleviate "ladder fear".

        I was placed in Plat the first time I played. It was terrifying. I got repeatedly destroyed by players that had some idea of what they were doing while I'll was still thinking about probes and pylons. It was largely why I stopped playing.

        A while after that, I deliberately tanked to Bronze so that I could do some silly things like taking every expansion on the map and making only Queens and Spine Crawlers. Didn't do that for too long but it did mean that when I finally did start playing seriously, I was going to be doing it in the lower leagues. I lost my placement match last season to a guy doing an early Zealot all-in (I had mouse issues that he was very understanding about but stopped me from being able to get any units out in time) securing my place in Bronze.

        Since then, I've just been having fun. No ladder anxiety at all. I win more than I lose and feel comfortable knowing that I'm getting steadily more familiar with the game. It's actually pretty good being this low.

          Yeah, as much as I'd like to be in Diamond league, I know that when I get there, playing is going to feel a lot more like work than a game. Most of my friends know me as being quite knowledgeable about SC2 so they're surprised when they find out I'm "only" in Platinum league. Regardless, I just finished third year uni so I'm going to try streaming a bit more over the Summer holidays =)

    Swtor and dark souls ptd edition on pc

    Finished the HSC on thursday, so everything. Banjo Tooie on the 64 front, Fortune Street and Skyward Sword on the Wii, if I don't manage to lose my life to Dark Souls...

    Doing my best to finish off AC3 before BLops2 next week !

    Halo 4. I share the same reservations as you Mark, regarding the ordnance drop system. I can't judge it yet until I work out how to play this vastly different style of game properly.

    Will finish Halo 4 (according to the Smartglass app I've only got two missions left), then it's back into Assassin's Creed 3.

    Mind you all that is contingent on how drunk I get tomorrow at a BBQ and how hungover I am on Sunday lol

    More Pokémon! I have a feeling White 2 will be one of my more-played entries. Gotta get them achievements!

    Also, if I get the chance, probably catching up on The Walking Dead (my save file got corrupted so I have to start over. Will be backing up regularly this time!) and XCOM.

    Probably more BL2 sessions with friends. Outside of that, I'm working my way through Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, and will probably put some time into HyperDimension Neptunia and XCOM. Possibly I'll put some time into Dark Souls for the new DLC and maybe check out some of the smaller Steam games in my ever-increasing Pile of Shame.

    I wish I was playing Halo 4, but it looks like Vanquish on PS3 will be as close as I get to pretending to be Master Chief this weekend.

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      Vanquish is AWESOME!! I played it on 360 but still I reckon it's one of the most underrated games this gen. Have fun with it.

    Assassins Creed 3, perhaps some Borderlands 2. Some more NFS for android too

    Halo 4. Hopefully I can get the campaign done and do some Spartan Ops. I'm not entirely sold on the multiplayer yet.

    Hopefully something... looking at you Borderlands 2, Okami and Assassin's Creed III

    Gonna play the ol' 'contemplate whether its worth repairing YLOD again 'cos you didn't learn from last time and do consistent system backups...'

    I want to say no, but them dark souls saves :/

    No games - just glorious new Dr who books.

    AC3 & Halo I was orginally planning to play ICO & SOTC on remote play on my Vita however the camera angles are a pain it always pans off screen I might also make a start on AC3 : Liberation.

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    Halo: Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST, Halo Reach then maybe Halo 4.
    I don't like my chances of getting through all of this over a weekend, or even a week.

    I won't be playing anything because I'll be underground in a Kalgoorlie minesite.

    Though I wish I could play Halo 4 all weekend long.

    Crusader Kings 2, buying the DLC expansions. Also Hotline Miami and I am getting back into Mount and blade Napoleanoic wars Line Battles as well which are as epic as it sounds.

    This weekend will mostly be hawken beta 2, and a bit of cod. But saving most of my gaming hours for tuesday. I am a sap that will buy black ops 2 on release day, but it will be fun :_)

    Darksiders. Getting close to the end of the game. Hopefully will finish it off over the weekend

    Still on AC3 and Dishonoured, but the Blue Cat Screenplay Competition has only one week until deadline and I need to re-submit the ammended screenplay, so no games until that's done.

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