What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend I'm totally going away on a relaxing trip to the Kangaroo Valley. No games, very little technology. I think I'm going to go crazy. Please, let me live vicariously through you all — what are you playing this weekend?

I'm planning to get stuck into Far Cry 3 if I get back from the trip on Sunday. I haven't played any of the single player campaign yet, but I've heard mostly good things about it. I may even kidnap the office Wii U and play some New Super Mario Bros. U.

How about you guys and girls? Anyone pick up a Wii U? What are you playing this weekend?


    Halo 4 MP. Really enjoying it so far. The first Halo game were I've really gotten into the MP.
    Probably some SWTOR too.
    Maybe a little bit of Planetside 2 as well.
    And a little bit of Age of Empires with my siblings to top things of.

    I'm gonna be replaying an old game called Realms of the haunting. Might give LA Noire a go!

      I remember that game - loved it - although the ending was a little off for me. Enjoy!

    Wii U. Playing the Wii U! Where are the Wii U articles? It came out today! You wouldn't know by looking at this website :P

    Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition and Company of Heroes from the THQ bundle i just got. So classic gaming for me this weekend.

    Halo 4, Black Ops 2, Hitman Aboslution and Far Cry 3 *here's hoping it gets delivered today*

    Planetside 2 if I remember to download it

      Someone get this man the PlanetSide 2 files!

        Haha thanks Rize :)

        I shall download them, I am just not too sure how close we are to the cap

          check your internet provider, they might have them for free. I'm with internode;


          Doesn't count towards cap :D :D (think it works for iiNet as well)

            Thanks for that heads up

            I am with Telstra :(

              use game arena


              click on the GREEN DOT up in the top right hand corner to find out if you are eligible.

    Wii U - NSMBU & Nintendo Land and whatever else I can find or settings to fool around on if I get bored of that I'll play some Far Cry 3.

    Probably play some more dragon age: origins and finish of the Shizune path on Katawa Shoujo. Maybe even try to squeeze in some borderlands 2 if I get time.

    Far Cry 3, Hitman: Absolution & Hotline Miami. So lots of murdering for me this weekend. :)

    Ass Creed Revelations
    ME3 Omega
    Mutant Blobs Attack (Vita)

    I wanna finish Dishonored but I also got far Cry 3 last night and I'm sure a few friends will wanna "free for all" in BLOPS2 as well.

    GOW3, Torchlight II, Skyrim. Whatever else I find laying around in my Pile of Shame.

    FarCry 3, BF3 Aftermath and finish Spec Ops : The Line Suicide Mission playthrough to unlock FUBAR.

    Persona 4 golden massive binge inc. I was tempted to get a wii u just because i like shiny new stuff, I decided to hold off until a real game in a genre I like is released (i.e. not just a worse port). Will probably cave when monster hunter hits if there is some kind of super bundle in the works.

    Far Cry 3 on PC. Halo 4, BLOPS2, Forza Horizon.. Sleeping Dogs still.. Persona 4 on Vita when it gets here. Loving my gaming this holiday season.

    ZOMBIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU assuming I can get it today because Kmart is stupid.

    Also some Nintendo Land I guess.

    AC3, fingers crossed Hitman absolution and far cry 3 get delivered today. That sums up my weekend if they do.

    All things WiiU: Nintendo Land, NSMBU, ZombiU, BlOps2 (WiiU).

    Almost definitely some Company of Heroes.

    A lot of my friends already have it and with the Humble Bundle, there's going to be people wanting to play it again.

    Now that my Wii U is downloading what I assume is its last required update - this weekend I'll be playing some ZombiU, NSMBU, NintendoLand and Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed.

      I'm getting the exact same lineup as you. But I promised myself to not play the wii u until Christmas.

    Finished AC3 last night (the complaints about the ending is worse then the complaints about ME3) so I'll be finishing all single player stuff (need to scan the Homestead and talk to Washington). After that I might boot up Far Cry 3.

    Maybe then I'll move onto multiplayer for AC3, or maybe even Black Ops 2.
    Still looking for co-op partners as well.

    Wii U here - mostly Nintendo Land + NSMBU since we'll have friends around during most of the week end to inaugurate the new console.
    All these Steam sales recent acquisitions (Payday, Max Payne 3, Orcs Must Die 2...), and GW2, will have to wait next week!

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