What Do Crummy Gamers Have In Common? The Japanese Internet Discusses.

Some gamers are very good at video games. Some are just awful. And that's okay! Still, there must be common traits of crummy gamers, and that's what a recent thread of Japan's largest bulletin board, 2ch, tried to pin down.

The name of the thread was "Common Traits of Zero Gaming Aptitude", and the forum users compiled a list of what exactly those traits were. Here are some:

• They're not serious enough

• They don't read the instructions

• In fighting games, they keep jump kicking for the heck of it

• They break the PSP analogue stick

• When they turn the wheel, their whole body turns

• They mash buttons

• They get killed by the first Goomba in Mario

• They play while looking at a walkthrough

• They look at the controller when pressing buttons

• Their finger movement has no sense of rhythm

• They think games are toys

• When they're about to lose, they reset

• They think all there is to Poké is Attack

I agree with some of these — and some of these I think most people are guilty of (hello, walkthroughs). And before you think, damn, 2ch users are way too strict, after some of the above comments, the commenter added a "like me" or "like I do".

Are there any traits that are missing? Anything that you are guilty of?

ゲームセンスがない奴にありがちなこと [ゲーハー黙示録]

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    How is not reading a instruction manual a sign of a crummy gamer? the only seldom time I ever do is if the game has an update and I might take a flick through.

    I'm guilty of a few of these and I swear to god I only die to the first Goomba in overconfidence :(

      A lot of companies don't even print up manuals now for this very reason. They tell you to go online and look at PDF's etc if you truly want to read one. The ingame tutorials are usually all you really need...

    • They play while looking at a walkthrough

    Bite me! I'm not going to look for every orb in Prototype by myself!

      There are people who use walkthroughs or item location guides when they get stuck and this is a fine and common thing. Especially with collect 100 pointless items style things.

      But there are people who buy a game and than play it by doing everything the guide says for what ever reason. That I have contempt for, just watch a play through on You tube rather than waste money on the game if your not going to play it.

      I used to get annoyed at a guy I used to work with along time ago, he used to run the solitaire game under windows, he didn't play solitaire he merely dragged the cards over waiting to see if the colour changed. If he wasn't going to play the game he could just do his job, or go out for a cigarette break. Instead he tied up a computer doing nothing. Oh yeah I changed the settings in the game so the colour no longer changed. And yet he still played for hours on end, and complained he never got a single match.

      Personally I don't think that playing with a guide to collectable locations etc is the same as playing with a walkthru. It's more of a time-saving measure to allow you to be more efficient and get more enjoyment out of the game without spending as much time.

      I've also played games with walkthrus before if there's for example a branching path with multiple endings and I want to see them all, but I only refer to the specific branch points I need to. Additionally I've played with them in RPGs before to ensure I don't miss any important items or missable sidequests along the way. To me that's smart - the info is out there and it's probably resulting in you spending more time enjoying the game than you would have without it.

    Ouch, surely resetting or reloading a save when it's clear I'm about to die isn't that bad. Sometimes I'd much rather skip the death animations and the depressing 'YOU HAVE FAILED' screens and just jump right back into the action.

    In Diablo hardcore mode, it is a life (and sanity) preservation technique to quit if you are about to die.

    I have to admit, in most RPGs, I just use attack for most of the trash mobs. It's usually fastest. In some cases I'll use magic if it's one of those melee resistant enemies or I need to heal. Basically, years of mana preservation have corrupted me.

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