What Skyrim Looks Like When You're Running 100 Mods At Once

My copy of Skyrim would usually fall over once I started running more than, say, 8-10 mods at once. So I've got no idea how modder Unreal has managed to get around 100 mods running at once. I'm just going to assume sorcery.

His site catalogues the adventures his rig is taking running that much stuff at once, showcasing not only which mods he's got running (and why), but also some of the most impossibly beautiful screenshots I've ever seen for the game.

Seriously, the fact these are screens taken from a version of the game that's even remotely playable blows my mind. That grass (the one thing that does seriously hamper fps) looks like it travelled back in time from video games, circa 2017.

For the full rundown of the mods used (and the specs running them), visit the link below.



    Well we know how the game should have looked at least :/

    Isnt the only mod you need the HD one?

      I run the HD mod (with a good 12 other graphical mods) on high settings, and it doesn't hold a candle to this.

      It probably would have looked like this, and a lot of other games could look like this, if games like this were developed solely for the PC

        I agree the ceiling for PC game development is many times what (current) consoles can deliver. However, many many PC gamers only have PCs that are on par with consoles, so from a market reach standpoint it makes sense to dumb down games to the lowest common denominator. I don't agree with it, but it makes sense.

          This is true, but pc development is also very scalable, look at the source engineit woworked very well on low end PCs but could look amazing in higher end machines. The problemis that the cconsole market is bigger and fixed spec, so you make it as good as possible for console and ignore making it scalable for pc due to time and cost

    Damn, cant access the link at work, anyone able to post his PC SPECS for me?

      2500K @ 4Ghz + GTX670 @ 1200/7000

      Not really anything super flash, he does only get about 8fps with the grass so the "playable fps" in the article is a little misleading.

      Also he says it isnt a standard package of mods he mix and matches them to get the different screenshots

    If only people bought PC games and didn't pirate them. Then we all would be playing this version out of the box!

      not really, if only people didn't pirate them + if they didnt have to be multi platform

        That is indeed the main issue. Multiplatform. It's why Chris Roberts new space simulator looks so stunning. *drools at new space sim....* PC masterrace.... glad Im one of you.... :D

      I buy PC games, as long as they are well priced and don't have that Always Online DRM on them...

      I agree 100%

    Cheers PIAT, cant reply to your msg, gizmodo sites been funny for days.

    hope MG:GZ has visuals like this

    Beautiful stuff

    only thing letting it down is a lack of polygons

    whos the girl with the tatoo?....is there a nude scene in the game?

      We put HD texture mods in your nude mods so you can increase your gamer cred whilst fapping... or I could be way off!


    That can't be running at a playable FPS with that grass and those shadows!1??!

    Last edited 20/11/12 6:23 pm

    What PC would it take to run that level of detail?

    So that's what the game looks like running? A series of individual images rather than a smooth video?

    Truly breathtaking and awe inspiring.

    How long, I wonder, until we see games with this sort of visual fidelity and detail at a playable frame-rate. This looks like a world I want to be sucked into, and never, never return to the harsh reality of real life.

      In another 3 console generations..... *sigh*

    Those shots remind me of minecraft.

    Yup, I think it's time for me to save up for a new PC.

    Looks like a completely different game. Should be able to run this on my PC in oh say 2020?

    Sorcery? This is surely some combination of Alteration and Illusion magics!

    dat grass.

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