What's Good (And Bad) About The Wii U Before You Even Turn It On

We've got ourselves a brand new Wii U. Let's take a close-up look.

Nintendo's new console is the first new home console since 2006, and as you can see, it's exciting and shiny. Well. Shiny until you get your fingerprints all over it, you disgusting human. Watch the video for my initial impressions on the Wii U, its tablet controller, and all of the accessories that come with it. We haven't turned the system on yet, but who said you can't judge a console by its cover?

Stay tuned for plenty more hardware and software impressions over the next week or so, culminating in our Wii U review closer to launch.


    "If you're still one of those plebians who doesn't buy games online"

    Wow, go f*ck yourself hipster.

      Seriously, have you not buy games online before?

        Seriously, yes I have. I have over 150 Steam games, but it was still a douche thing to say. You really think most people are gonna buy Wii U games online with the limited harddrive space it has?

          I think you're getting a bit worked up over a jokey comment, I don't think it was meant in a douche way at all. I think the guy is well aware that the majority of gamers will be buying disc based games, as they do for all the other consoles as well (even the ones with large harddrives). Clearly digital downloads are the future, but not for a while yet.

          What can I say it's nintendo. They always have ways to make you buy more stuff for full experience like 3DS with the circle pad pro. Wii with the USB stick for Dragon Quest X. I'm sure they will release a "Hard Dis" extension cable" that cost probably 50 bucks to plug into another of their "Wii U Hard Disk" which is more expensive than SSD but will probably be a 5400rpm 3.5" hard disk.

          Also agree with puck with his comment. No need to get worked up. I doubt they will release full game download yet. Probably downloads for nintendoland and DLC and stuff for now.

            Yeah... As opposed to Sony proprietary memorystick or having to buy Microsoft wifi add on or xbox harddrives.

            Except you know you can plug any USB device you like into the console for storage, or use an SD card.
            Also who the hell needs a circle pad pro? There are like, less than a dozen games that even support it.

          Fairly sure I remeber nintendo saying something like the reason it has low harddrive space is so that they can keep the price down, and its via usb so you can chuck yourself a 3 tb harddrive in there.

          Settle down man, is that the way you react whenever someone says something you decide to deem douchey?

            I'm sorry, whats your email address, I'll be sure to run everything by you first in the future :)

      I don't think anyone is going to refer to anyone as 'plebian' seriously.

        He said it again. Burn him!

      I agree with weresmurf, As soon as he said that I thought this guy is a fuckwit and turned it off.

      @weresmurf, HAHA.

      @Jason Schreier, nah man I buy ALL my XBOX game through Games on Deman for double the price. You fucking douche bag.

        ^ Can I say how much I love the second part of this comment? lmao

    The blue cases on the games are quite nice. I'm guessing they went with that because now blue = HD, thanks to Blue-Ray. Smart move if thats the case.

    wow that was irritating to watch

    Didn't watch it but UGH I hate the shiny fingerprint proneness of it :(.

    I have a shiny black Classic Controller Pro and 3DS and they love collecting fingerprints...

    It looks odd having the CD tray etc on the smaller side. Although I see the Wii did that aswell but I guess it was more square shaped then the WiiU

    Wow, look how filthy that screen is.

    Never mind plebians who don't buy games online, I'm more concerned about plebians who smear their fingers all over everything. Strict stylus-only rules in my house.

      Don't forget to cover the furniture in plastic and sleep on the bed sheet protectors!

    ok the guy in the video is a douche... sorry us majority of console gamers are plebians bcoz we're not lazy enough to go down to a store and buy a physical copy of a game unlike you "hipster gamers" who are ahead of the curve and just buy all your games online.. maybe you should write Nintendo an email asking them why they have put a optical media drive on their upcoming console.. because last time i checked, physical media was the main way anyone bought games on consoles... by a fairly large margin.. It makes me wonder if this guy drives a hybrid car, talks with his eyes closed and smells his own farts..

    God damn that console is glossy. The 3DS was bad enough when it came to fingerprints but this is worse. I'll never buy a black system ever again if they make them like this.

      Yeah I was goign to comment on it, WTF finger prints, why not black matte.

      Good news! It comes in white.

    I still dont understand why the touch controller is so huge, Sony fit the whole Vita into something easily half the size, tablets barely need more room than the screen takes ups so why on earth is it so huge.

    Big ups for the symmetrical sticks design, thank god.

      It really isn't huge at all. Once you get your hands on one it actually seems tiny compared to what you expect it to be.

    I buy physical copies of games so that I can trade them, lend them, return them, sell them, and display them. It's overall, due to the potential for onselling, a smaller financial investment than digital gaming, especially for console gamers.


    Also, that console looks well used for one that's never been turned on. Time to break out the rubber gloves.

    this was a horrible video... worst presenter ever... the plebians comment and the tone of your voice and the constant moving about nearly made me throw up...

    for the record... nearly 850 games on steam... but over 300 physical games on xbox 360... so yes i use digital downloads but not for every system i play... what a twat!

    ALL THAT JAZZ *sigh*

    Stopped watching when you compared the screen size to an iPad *shakes head*

    I thought the WiiU was only supposed to be used horizontally, not vertically.

    To all those people complaining about his use of 'disk-buying plebians':
    Did your sense of humour die in a hole? Because that was obvious sarcasm. Like, really obvious. You're all a bunch of disk-buying plebians.

      I don't think that was Sarcasm it was said so matter of factly.

    Why deliberately put fingerprints all over everything, then complain? The use a pic of the stuff with fingerprints all over it? Deliberate, but not just to illustrate how it picks up fingerprints. Something smart ass about this video I don't like.

    Soooo is that guy like, a dentist?

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