When 4Chan Met Gabe Newell

Four days ago, Gabe Newell turned 50 years old. To celebrate the /v/ crowd from 4chan went to Valve to celebrate with the man himself. To give him a real life Team Fortress hat inside a crate (which he had to pay $2.50 to open!) and a massive printed mural that I could spend all day looking at. Such an incredible gesture, and proof that 4chan can use its power for good as well as evil!

Very well thought out. Bravo. I find the fact that Gabe had to pay $2.50 to receive his hat hilarious, and the mural itself is just full of brilliant in-jokes. Every time I look at it I find something new. Great work all round.

Gabe opening his present...

The hat...

You can check out a hi-res pic of the entire mural here. Well worth taking a look at.

Oh, and happy belated birthday to Gabe Newell!

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    Dayum, Gabe is really rocking that beard now huh?

      He's evolving into Colonel Sanders :P

    Why does everyone have a neckbeard, (women included)?

      Wtf are you on about? Do you even know what a neckbeard is?

        Yeah, those that use 4chan right? These seem like fine examples...

          Indeed! We have plenty neck beards. We also have many gays who enjoy traps and other homoerotic type material. You'd fit right in with the latter Crestler! And before you ask how I knew, the Jason Statham avatar was a dead giveaway. So come join us.

          Last edited 07/11/12 5:58 pm


    Hahaha thats brilliant!

    although /v/ hardly represents 4chan, /b/ are the trouble makers

      Yeah. He's lucky it was /v/ that rocked up and not /b/
      If it was /b/ they'd be deleting system32 from each pc lol.

    4chan is still going? I haven't been there is years. I thought it died around the time ebaums world died.

      I'm sure that's what many of them would rather have you believe.

      It turns 10 next year.

        Oh come on, no pedobear jokes on this post? I'm so dissappointed in you all...

    Marsha looks mighty uncomfortable standing in front of Jacob the Assgrabber.

    My God! It is little wonder these 4chan neck bearded nerds hide behind their keyboards spouting profanities. Please! No more photos! It hurts my eyes and my sense of hope for humanity.

      Yeah, I bet you're a real model. Kotaku community looks the same, while being just a tad bit more retarded

    Good god, they just LOOK like they would smell, dirty neckbeard wearing nerds. Hate to say this, but they actually look even more disgusting than Bronies when they go out, and i thought that was impossible.

    @Salt AU

    My thoughts exactly. This is the crowd of disgusting paedophiles and trouble making pseudo-intellects. Scum of the earth in reality, No wonder they feel the need to act like keyboard warriors, they're painful to even look at - pale, fat, sweaty geeks who are either too short and fat or overly tall and fat with bad facial hair. They're sure going to die virgins.


      It's easy to generalise 4chan if you don't know better.
      More accurately, this group are less the pedophiles and trouble makers and more of the vitriolic neckbeards who hate 99% of the game industry - including games.

      The exception is Gabe and Valve, because Gabe and Valve are the best thing ever. (And even some part of /v/ hate Gabe and Valve, because DRM or whatever. Basically, generalising is stupid!)

    Um... where are the massive amounts of neck beards that people are talking about?

      They're metaphorical. Neckbeards of the soul.

      Reddit wasn't invited.

    It kills me that the poster calls him "Gaben". Just goes to show you his Portal 2 stunt only fueled the flame.

    Haha nice

    Gabe officially expressed his distaste of Kotaku at numerous points

    sure is reddit butthurt in here

    Why is everyone shitting on these guys? They gave a cool gift to GabeN and you guys call them fat, greasy nerds? Why would you call others "nerds" on Kotaku, of all places?!

    I want Le reddit to leave.

    100 points to the first faggot here who finds my name

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