When Aliens Meets Crysis, Good Things Happen

Gearbox will be trying next year, but for around a decade now, it's been almost impossible to make a better Aliens game than Rebellion's classic series on the PC. So if new games can't beat the old ones for design and atmosphere, you may as well just copy them.

Modder oldschool.Dave has posted progress work of a mod that brings the classic Marines section of 1999's AvP to Crytek's CryEngine 3.

There's not much action here, since it's just an environment test, but boy, that atmosphere. I'm scared just watching this in 360p on YouTube. 720p might kill me.

Aliens vs Marine [Crydev]


    I love how no regenerating health is a feature these days

    The short walkthrough has made me more excited for this mod than Gearbox's upcoming Colonial Marines. I think it's the CryEngine touch that makes me prefer the former.

    I remember those exact alarm sounds playing in AVP1 / 2, and it still gives me the creeps XD

    I remember playing the original AVP on my PC back in the day it's multi-player was awesome, especially in lifecycle mode. A group of 15 friends and I would rent a hall every month for a LAN party and AVP and its PC sequel featured pretty heavily at the time. I still remember choosing the Alien and the shouts of one of my friends after I chased his character down "Holy Shit! its eating my face!" Fun times....

    I love PC gaming and I love my PC we spawned this type of gaming and its great to see such talented modders able to use their computer's to create experiences with their machines.

    Love the machine gun audio. Just like the movie.

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