When And Where You Can Go Hands On With The Wii U

Nintendo allowing the public to get their hands on new consoles before launch is something of a tradition in Australia, and this time round, for the Wii U, is no exception. Across a majority of the states, throughout November and into December, Nintendo is showing off the Wii U in a variety of different places.

At all locations you'll be able to check out New Super Mario Bros. U, NintendoLand and Scribblenauts Unlimited. Folks in NSW and VIC will get the added bonus of being able to check out RAYMAN LEGENDS, Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition and Just Dance 4.


    Fountain Gate is a real place?

      The joker is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    So....Sydney Plaza is where exactly? Is that Sydney Central Plaza? That corner where the new Samsung store is?

      Today I walked up and down George Street and I did not see anything resembling this. Oh boy, was I confused. Google Maps doesn't even have a listing for "Sydney Plaza". Anyone who's been there now, mind telling the rest of us an exact location/address to go?

      After a bit of googling...I just realised how silly I am. I suppose the place is Sydney Central Plaza. Silly of Nintendo not to list the correct name of the venue. Also I walked right by this place but somehow didn't notice it.

      Last edited 06/11/12 6:27 pm

    "Across a majority of the states, throughout November and into November"

    I'm assuming this is an error unless we are doubling up on November this year.

    I wouldn't mind, twice the moustache and none of christmas expenses!

    Awesome, working 20m from king george square will give me ease of access.

    Last edited 02/11/12 1:51 pm

    Two events in QLD - but only one in Vic and NSW - and the Vic one is some shitty shopping centre about 25kms out of the city?!?!

    Why not use that Nintendoland floor at the EB in the city?

      It's because Goldcoast + Brisbane are kind of important places on the map.

    Yeah, Fountain Gate???? When the Swanston street store already has a giant Nintendo experience? Would love to know the logic behind that crazy decision! Still, I'll be lining up st 10am....LOL!

    Why no Tasmania? You have customers here Nintendo, believe it or not.

      Tasmania. As always we're left off the map. Why don't Nintendo just roll Wii u consoles out across ebgames stores or something? At least we're in November now. Hopefully they don't forget to ship the Tassie consoles.

      I think you meant customer, not customer's! :D

    I think it's pretty obvious why they're not putting the VIC one in the EB store - they're setting up these "stores" of their own to get all sorts of people in and interested in it. The Nintendo Experience is hidden away up the top floor of an EB Games - the only purpose that will serve is to display the machine to people who already know all about it.

      Yes, so they choose a total shithole like Fountain Gate.....I see the logic now.

    No ACT? :(

      Nothing good should EVER go to ACT!

    Spoilers: the Wii U controller's much better than you'd think, super light and comfy. The pro controller is a bit derpy though, the B and A buttons are too close to the edge.

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