When Should The Next Mass Effect Game Be Set: Before Shepard, Or After Shepard?

That's the gist of a question put forth to Mass Effect fans today by BioWare's Casey Hudson, who wants to know whether series fans want the next game in the franchise to take "place before the trilogy, or after?"

How closely they're going to be listening is anyone's guess, since for all we know those kind of decisions have already been made, but i'll be interesting to see people's opinions regardless.

There will be people out there who want to see what happens after the trilogy, sure. We could all do with an explanation as to why there aren't robot leaves.

Setting new games before the trilogy, though, gives BioWare a chance to wheel out every popular character, Star Wars prequel-style, and show them kicking it in their native habitats before Commander Shepard rolled around and blew everything up.

Casey Hudson [Twitter]


    A good few years after, so hopefully they can incorporated your choices into the world when the legend of Shepard turns up here and there. Setting it before sets the temptation for them to have Shepard around.

    I already mentioned this in another thread, but: simultaneously with Shepard. I want to play a different, completely unrelated set of characters (space pirates?) who occasionally cross over with the existing story. So you could run a couple of missions for a Shadow Broker who seems different to the one you're used to dealing with, or move some parts for a Cerberus base that seems to be trying to bring someone back from the dead... In a perfect world, the games would draw stuff from your existing save game - so you could run into Ashley or Kaidan, depending on who you had alive.

      Depends on how well they do it. I'd hate for it to feel half-hearted like Resident Evil 3 did but I love the core concept.

      Personally I'd love that concept applied to a ME3 and an RTS (although in a perfect world ME3 would have had an RTS built in instead of Reaper Pac-Man).

    I want a proper open world RPG within the Mass Effect universe. Would love to play a Drell

    I may be short sighted, but I don't really see how anything could be set after the trilogy.
    We've already destroyed the 'greatest threat the galaxy has ever known', anything else just seems trivial.
    I love the ME universe, but Bioware kinda shot themselves in the foot with this one.

    Given how ME3 ends I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to care about any game set before the trilogy. On the flip side setting the game after the ending means they'll have to make one of the choices canon, which would suck.

    Before. I still think a game set during the First Contact War would be awesome.

    It'd be great to see the constant battle and withdrawal from the Greenfly as it steadily deconstructs everything in the galaxy now that it's free to spread because the billion year old xenocidal alien machines have been defeated.

    Oh, what's that? There's no Greenfly in the Mass Effect series? I'm surprised, given the hacks at Bioware stole everything else from the Revelation Space series.

    From Blade.

    Having after Shepard. The Normandy and its crew are stuck on a random planet. The Mass Relays have been destroyed. Depending on your choice, you either control the reapers,destroyed the reapers or neutral on them so the game would have very different stories revolving around those scenarios so i dunno how it would work.
    On one hand i am interested in back stories, going back and seeing how characters became who they are. These could open new characters and give bit more story to current characters, like garrus.
    Having after shepard, depends how far into the future would the story be based, 5 years after the reaper war or more. Are Bioware looking for another triology too.
    Either way i'm keen as for new Mass Effect, hopefully will give more answers.

    I'd love something less grand, something more personal about a smaller group. Something more based an espionage because it seems to be a fairly large part of the universe.

    If you have to ask...................

    But seriously, who is left at Bioware. And why does there need to be more? The story is over and what a dissapointing finale.

    I guess my response is if Drew Karpyshyn is not the lead writer than who cares, without him it isnt Mass Effect, sorry.

    I have a feeling a popular character like Garrus will take the helm. Bioware have already stated they plan to step away from the Alliance soldier 'Shepard' type character so this could really shake it up. I'm not sure if fans would take to the idea well though.

    In my Mass Effect universe Shepard has become that guardian entity controlling the reapers. With that kind of power and policing of the galaxy, wouldn't they be able to defend against any and all enemies?

    I would like to see the Krogan rebellions because that would be a interesting time in the mass effect universe or more detail on the quarian exile from their home world. But the first contact war would also be an interesting point of time too

      I'd love to see it set in the first contact war.

    Neither. I want a universe reset. Keep the mechanics and space opera lose any connection to the previous story. Failing that go 50K years into future/past to cut all ties with current canon.

      This guy gets it. Current story is too messed up to touch.

      Yep. With the different endings it could never be after unless they can cut ties. Wouldn't be too hard...

      "It is said we came to this part of the galaxy eons ago, against our will, when the stars in the night sky were absent from their current homes. But the reasons have long been forgotten. It has only been recent times, that out reaching for the stars has found the hands of our lost brothers and sisters, our fellow galactic orphans.

      But now we must unite against a dark threat that forces us together. Before we are ready. Before we embrace each other in the peace of kinship, we must fight for our very survival."

      etc. etc. etc.

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    Make Stealthy Space Assassin game starring Thane.

    clearly it's going to be a rebranding of the Sims but with krogans after the war.


    They should lay this one to rest and create a new franchise.

      My thoughts too.

      Also, I don't think the Star Wars prequels are an example to be followed.

    What about neither? What about a game that happens at the same time. There was a lot more going on than just Shepard running around playing fetch quest for galaxy. It'd be cool if they tied it in with the trilogy too, such as having radio chatter snippets describing things you'd done as Shepard and seeing people and places after you'd had an effect on them as Shepard.

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