When The Wii U Crashes, It Sounds Like A Vuvuzela

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. This is horrible. Kotaku reader vipeness sent in this video, which shows his Wii U hard-locking and crashing during a game of Nintendo Land.

It seems to be happening to a bunch of other people too.

Vipeness isn't too dismayed though: "Booted the system right up and tried it again and it worked just fine," he writes on YouTube. "Wii U still is the best console we've played in along time for my entire family. Just hope this is a one time thing and if it is an issue, Nintendo will patch that up right away."


    Weird that it would make that sounds.
    Usually when something locks up it loops the last sound played.

    Perhaps it was a debug sound during console testing they forgot to disable?

    Doesn't pretty much every console make this sound when freezing?

      When I had lockups on my 360 and PS3 they both just went silent.

      I had an old PC that would make that noise when it froze however.

      It probably has to do with which part of the system is causing the crash.

    It's probably a starving buffer that's become stuck when the game crashed. You take a really short sample of any streaming sound and loop it and it will sound exactly like this.

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