When You Turn On Your Wii U, You'll See This: WaraWara Plaza

Previously, Nintendo showed what it called "Mii WaraWara". It's a redesigned Wii Plaza, with Miis clustered around games and leaving messages. Today, Nintendo announced that the final English name for this feature is WaraWara Plaza.

"Warawara" (わらわら) is Japanese for "bustling".

In the WaraWara Plaza, you can see what other games people are playing — and talking about. Besides messages, it's also possible to leave illustrations. Using the Wii U Gamepad, you can touch on Miis to see what they are playing and saying.

Nintendo Direct [任天堂]


    The Mii's why did Nintendo stick with the look of em, they looked crap when they first came out and still look crap 5 years later. The heads look great, great customization. Its the body's, they look so damn plain and boring. With Nintendo's franchises they could go ape shit on body customization, just like the avatars on Xbox.,,,BIG FAIL Nintendo..

    If you combined all of today's Bashcraft wii articles together - the resulting article would still be crap and no useful information would have been imparted to anybody.

      Reading this was news to me...

      ...I guess I am a nobody

        What important info did you glean?

    Not too crash hot on this. WaraWara is kind of awkward to say.

      I agree it's awkward to say in English. It's much easier in Japanese, with the 'ra' sound being slightly rolled and sounding somewhat like 'da', but with a very soft 'd' sound. Bill Trinen pronounced it as a Japanese person would in the announcement video.

    Why didnt they stick with Wii Plaza? Or Wii U Plaza?

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