When Your Love Of Plastic Beauty Is Mega

The MegaHobby Expo recently rolled through Tokyo, showing off an array of colourful sculptures and statues. This is pure geek heroin.

On display, there were upcoming statues from a variety of games, anime and manga. Japanese site Moeyo was on hand to check things out. Have a look and start filling out your wish list.

メガホビ EXPO2012 [Moeyo.com]


    I always see these and think I want some for my "geek cave", until I look at the prices.

      I need a "Geek cave" else id have no room for these :'(

      The prices aren't that bad, 1/8 scales are usually $60-80. They only get expensive if they're out of print or you buy locally.
      My collection so far: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/278/e/f/persona_figure_collection_by_nightflarer-d5gwhnu.jpg

        Wow, love it man. I've avoided chibi but chibi persona looks pretty badass.

          Haha yeah, they've got the right mix of adorable and badassness

    "This is pure geek heroin." -- let me just shoot this thread into my arm...

    thats better... now... how much money will I have to spend on models for the upcoming year?

    I find it funny that we have an article on sexism with gaming and comments on how kotaku puts up boob posts and then a few pages later we have this. Just saiyan...

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