While You Were Sleeping

Well, since Kotaku US is running on Tumblr, and their server is still currently being fished out of the ocean as a result of Hurricane Sandy, the output overnight has been a little light compared to normal. But still, this is what happened While You Were Sleeping!

I love this story. American McGhee — the creator of Alice was getting a little irritated by EA's constant requests to add more 'mature' content into his last game. So he invented this. Basically he created a penis monster. Yep. Be warned, this monster is a little unsafe for work!

Oh, and remember that Borderlands iOS game? It's on the App store now if you happen to be interested.

What else? Well, if you thought the wait for Black Mesa was bad, some folk have been waiting ten years for a sequel to the Natural Selection Mod. It's here now! The Wii U gets its first arcade stick, and this is Call of Duty: Bayonet Ops.

In Short Borderlands Legends Arrives On The iTunes App Store NSFW: EA Wanted His Game To Be More Mature, Dev Responded With Penis Monster Thought You Waited Ages For Black Mesa? The Wii U Gets Its First Fight Stick Call Of Duty: Bayonet Ops


    I hear the borderlands ios game is pretty atrocious. Even TA who i find to be rather generous with their stars seem to have marked it quite low.

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