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Square-Enix hasn't exactly had the best last couple of years — in terms of critical reception at least. This story is a pretty damning one — an ex-Square honcho claims the company is a complete failure with no vision. Jeeze. Why don't you tell us how you really feel, etc.

Assassin's Creed III stuff — it continues to come in.This is a super excellent Assassin's Creed music video and this is what the internet was built for: Assassin's Creed III confusing the hell out of a cat.

Mass Effect has some new DLC you can check out, and this is what Halo 4's Cortana could have looked like. In a parallel universe perhaps.

In Short Celebrate Mass Effect's Would Be Holiday With A Look At The Omega DLC Watch Assassin's Creed III Confuse The Hell Out Of A Cat Former Square Honcho Calls Square Enix A Complete Failure With No Vision A Very Serious, Very Excellent Assassin's Creed III Music Video Halo 4's Cortana Could Have Looked A Little Crazier


    So not a fan of Halo 4 multiplayer Mark? Or are you going to give it a second chance. You could always come join us in Blops2, all the old gang you played cod4 with still plays together.

      I'm having bother with the Ordanance Drop thing in Halo 4. Not a fan. BLOPS 2? You guys would just destroy me!

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