While You Were Sleeping

Hey, anyone go to the Good Game Roffle Cup event yesterday? I saw a few familiar faces in the crowd! Just thought I'd throw it out there before going into what went down while you were sleeping...

I can't say I've ever necessarily been ashamed of being a gamer, but I understand the sentiment. This is a good piece by debut novelist Samuel Sattin. It really is a must read.

One of my real pet hates about a certain Japanese RPG series is the whole random encounters system. It's actually led me to quit playing practically every JRPG I've started. This is how to make random encounters good!

So there was a Battle.net hack, and guess what was the end result? Yep, a class action lawsuit against Blizzard. Halo 4's Japanese launch is exactly what you would expect, and here's the Sunday Comics!

In Short Sunday Comics: Assassin's Critters I Was Ashamed Of Being A Gamer, I Don't Feel That Way Anymore Battle.net Hack Results In, Yep, A Class Action Lawsuit Against Blizzard How To Make Random Encounters Good Halo 4 Launching In Japan Is Pretty Much What You'd Expect


    I’m disappoint at no supanova cosplay thread...

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