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Morning! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post that catches you (and me) on all the news coming in overnight!

The Grand Theft Auto V hype train continues to chug along, and here is some fuel for the fire. Literally — these screenshots are on fire. Keen to hear what you folks think of what you've seen/heard so far?

I love this: Daigo Umehara actually features in a manga in Japan. This is almost as hilarious as the time Barack Obama appeared in Air Gear (sorry, I'm a manga nerd).

I'm highlighting this because I love Totoro, apparently there was a novel based on 1994's X-Com and who is excited about Halo 4's DLC? THIS GUY.

In Short These New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Are On Fire Japan's Most Talented Pro Gamer Is Now Appearing In A Japanese Manga This Totoro Costume Is So Incredibly Adorable Pinch Me, I'm Excited About Halo 4's DLC There Was A Novel Based On 1994's X-Com


    I don't know how I feel about GTAV. I don't feel like I've seen enough. The big trailer tomorrow will be a revelation, hopefully.

    For a while, I was wary about the three protagonist angle, before I thought about it. Three protagonists is essentially what they did with IV if you consider the GTAIV expansions to be part of the core GTAIV experience (as I do), with intersecting stories, etc. And the expansions were my favourite bit.

    Anyway, I've pre-ordered the game (I know, it's kind of stupid to buy it blind, but I still trust Rockstar). It was a late-night impulse buy, but I think it's one I'll be okay with :)

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    Also I'm pretty sure a call of duty launched last night

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