While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. How was your weekend? For the first time in ages I went a whole weekend without playing a single video game. Oh, wait, that's a lie. I played a match of FIFA against my brother in-law! Anyway, time to get to the news that went down while you were sleeping.

Halo 4 is a pretty big deal. Not only in terms of sales, but in the way it's managed to get people interested in the series again. For the first time in a while, people are talking about Halo again. Apparently one million people beat Halo 4's campaign in the first five days of its release. Now I feel bad for not finishing it yet!

Grand Theft Auto V. That was another big deal. The latest trailer was, let's be honest here, pretty amazing. This is what the GTA V trailer would have looked at if it was made in GTA IV.

We have a review (of sorts) of Black Ops II multiplayer. People are already starting to complain about the Wii U's visuals, and THQ gets hit by a lawsuit — for mis-using tattoos!

In Short What The Second Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Looks Like In GTA IV A Million People Beat Halo 4's Campaign In The First Five Days Of Its Release THQ Gets Tattooed By Lawsuit Black Ops II Multiplayer Is Still The Call Of Duty You Love Or Hate Bad Port Or Bad Hardware — We're Already Hearing Complaints About Wii U Visuals


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