While You Were Sleeping

We must sleep, it's a fact of life, but that doesn't stop the world from spinning or the news from occurring. This is the purpose of this post: to let you guys know what happened while you were sleeping.

With the Wii U launch in the US, Nintendo's new console continues to be a major talking point. This is an interesting post that looks at one of the first games (Batman: Arkham City) to be released on the Wii U that also runs on the PS3 and 360. How do they compare? Also — this is a story about the elaborate pants rules for Miis.

Looks like we're getting some more info on that PS Vita Uncharted game that was outed via the Australian Classification Board. Feel like buying your own floating Portal core (that actually floats)? And, finally, this is what Japanese folks hate to see in other gamers.

In Short The Elaborate Pants Rules For Miis On The Wii U Buy Your Own Floating Portal Core That Actually Floats Comparing Batman: Arkham City On Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 What Do Crummy Gamers Have In Common? The Japanese Internet Discusses Vita Is Getting A New Uncharted Buy It's A Card Game


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