While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone! Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post where we round up the news and let you guys and girls know what went down while you were catching zeds!

This console generation has lasted longer than any other I can remember. I've been fine with that, but it seems like Ubisoft were getting a little frustrated. They're hoping that, next time, the wait might be a little shorter.

Remember Hot Coffee? It happened a pretty long time ago, but it lives large and notorious in the memories of gamers. According to the Housers, it was an attack on gaming as a whole, and I agree with this.

This is a look behind the scenes of ZombiU, which I'm looking forward to, this is a look behind the scenes of Black Friday madness. Also we had a review over the weekend! Why not read it.

In Short Ubisoft Boss Hopes The Next Console Generation Doesn't Last As Long As This One Disney Epic Mickey: The Power Of Illusion — The Kotaku Review Behind The Scenes Of ZombiU Hot Coffee Scandal Was An Attack On Games Says Grand Theft Auto Maker Scenes Of Black Friday Video Game Shopping Madness


    I think you got the link wrong for the "Hot Coffee" article, Mark. It links to the black friday article. I think you want this link: http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/11/hot-coffee-scandal-was-an-attack-on-games-says-grand-theft-auto-maker/

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