While You Were Sleeping

Wakey wakey everyone! Time to have a quick gander at what news hit overnight. Sleep is for the weak. And I am so, so weak.

A lot of Final Fantasy stuff hitting overnight, with some genuinely interesting stuff. First off — this is what makes a Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy, according to Square Enix. And what went wrong with the last major Final Fantasy game? Why not ask the director himself?

And this isn't technically about games, but it definitely caught my eye this morning — the figurines are tiny. And amazing.

Well it's official — the Wii U works on bullet trains. Oh, and we now know when the Halo 4 map packs are dropping.

In Short Here's What Makes A Final Fantasy According To Square-Enix This Screenshot Reportedly Says When Halo 4's Map Packs Are Dropping New Final Fantasy XIV Director Talks About What Went Wrong With The Original Some Of The Smallest And Most Amazing Figures On Earth Yes, The Wii U Also Works On Japanese Bullet Trains


    Sanity is for the weak

    So is sleep

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