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If you are on Twitter at all, you probably saw the #1reasonwhy hashtag — in which women described precisely why sexism in the games industry is still an issue. It's quite a sobering experience to read through. There is still an issue here and I think it's important to be reminded and made aware of that fact.

I absolutely love this graph. It illustrates what genre of games was most prevalent and when they were most prevalent. When I was young it was all platform games and fighters. Now it's a little different.

The Today Show in the US totally failed at the Wii U, Nintendo is charging people to change channels and PlayStation Home has become the weirdest place in gaming.

In Short The Crap Women In The Games Business Have To Deal With In 2012 The Today Show Fails At The Wii U Nintendo Is Charging People To Change TV Channels PlayStation Home Has Become The Weirdest Place In Gaming 24,000 Games From 1975 To 2012, Broken Down By Genre Platform


    The first sexism links goes to the WiiU spot on The Today Show...

    Did anyone ever really use PS Home?

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