While You Were Sleeping, WHAT? GTA V Trailer?

Alright. Screw this While You Were Sleeping intro, I suggest you just go and watch the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, because it's really, really good.

Here, just go and watch it. It's awesome.

Other news? Nintendo stuff. More specifically, Wii U stuff. Even more specifically? Nintendo explaining how Wii U's online works... finally, and Nintendo explaining the Wii U's storage options, which is possibly a little less exciting but still important nonetheless.

Borderlands 2 gets a mondo PC patch, and here is the info (some of you) have (maybe) been waiting for: here are the Black Ops II weapons broken down into tiny statistics!

In Short Here's The Second All New Trailer For Grand Theft Auto V Nintendo Explains The Wii U's Storage Options In The Strangest Way Possible Nintendo Finally Explains How The Wii U's Online Will Work Black Ops II's Weapons Broken Down Into Tiny Statistics Borderlands 2 Gets A Mondo PC Patch


    I look forward to playing GTA V over 6 discs on the 360.

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