Who Do Video Game Heroes Love Best? Game Villains, Naturally.

Mario may be the world's hero, but without Bowser, does he have a purpose?

Would Sonic need to race so far, so fast, without the threats laid by Doctor Robotnik?

Artist Dan Matutina illustrates the symbiotic relationship between hero and villain in a series of hearts, pairing rivals together to indicate the one true fact of narrative: enemies need each other to survive.

After all, without the zombie, there would be no need for the plant. Without the pig, the bird would have no rage. Even Link has to have a nemesis.

Conflict may in some sense define us all, but who more than video game heroes, so many of whom exist to fight?

Versus/Hearts [Vuersus/Hearts via The Mary Sue]


    Mario is a jack of all trades athlete with plumbing to fall back on.

    I read this, and am thinking- "I'm glad I never got into journalism- making shit up about nothing all the time must be very, very boring."

    Just plug the art and move on.

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