Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn’t Next Gen

Why Grand Theft Auto V Isn’t Next Gen

When Grand Theft Auto V was first revealed, some thought, surely, the game is aimed at next generation consoles, which are just around the corner. Nope! As we now know, the game is headed to current generation consoles.

In a still unreleased interview with Japanese game magazine Famitsu, Rockstar co-founder and Grand Theft Auto V co-writer Dan Houser apparently explains why.

According to Houser, Rockstar dealt with the difficulty of new hardware (and making the leap to HD) with Grand Theft Auto IV. Since the studio already has a good grasp on current hardware, it decided to go with this generation instead.

Houser added that he thought that this generation of hardware still had untapped potential and pointed out that so many of the best games come out at the end of a console generation’s life cycle. That’s certainly an excellent point.

From the screens that Rockstar has shown, it sure looks like the studio is wringing every last bit of power from this generation to create something big. (But not too big!)

『グランド・セフト・オートV』国内リリース決定 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


  • Thanks again, shitty consoles.

    And before someone accuses me of being elitist, I don’t mind it being on consoles. I just hate the fact that it won’t be in native 1080p once again.

      • That’s fairly obvious but where did I insinuate that that is what they should do?

        I WANT it to be multiplatform. Consoles have their place. I might even consider buying a game on console over PC, if not for the fact that it won’t be in native 1080p on console, which is a game-breaking problem for me.

        If console makers pulled their finger out and made a new console that enabled actual native 1080p I would probably buy a lot more games on console.

        • Haha, this guy… so… Gmaes like halo 4 and uncharted 3 are broken and you wont play them cos theier graphics are horrible just cos they are 720p? and just btw, 4x aa can produce visuals on par with 1080p just with slight bluring but the same amount of jaggies… Just cos a game is 720p dosnt make it broken. I have played 1080p native console games like ratchet and clank 1,2&3 and they have more jaggies than games like god of war 3 so please. resolution isnt every thing. that said. if the pc version is way beter (not just in res and fps) then i would easily buy that over the console version.

        • Geez, you must have hated every generation of consoles before this one then… what about back in the day before computers could run HD games? you must have cried everytime you played them.

  • Exactly.. some of the most awesome, in terms of graphics/audio, games came at the end of the PS2’s life. If you compared those games to the original games coming out for the PS2.. you’d think it was a different generation of console.

    Still.. I have been very disappointed with the PS3.. hopefully this will be the game to bring me back around.

    • I don’t think another 10 years will help the PS3. Its meant to be the hardest console to code for. There has to be so much untapped potential due to its over complexity.

      • The fact with the ps3 is that it is good, its just too expensive for most devs to properly crack open, its why only games that have cash thrown into them end up looking amazing.

        • You just proved my point. Why it is so expensive to crack open is because it’s just too hard to develop on. Sony made it so complex probably hoping that near the end of its 10 year life developers will still have more leg room as they work out how to do more with the hardware.

          So while Xbox developers work hard to optimise code and to get more out of a known quantity. PS3 developers are wasting their time fighting an over complex system to get the same if not a half arse job done.

          I am an Xbox user. I also own a PS3 mainly for Blu-rays and Uncharted. My sister’s husband is a massive PS3 fan and I often hear him complain that *insert AAA game title here* is a crappy port from the Xbox version. Why is this, because it’s too expensive to do otherwise because the system is just too darn complicated.

          All that said. Technically the PS3 probably beats the 360 and by a fair margin but with its inherent design we will rarely see what it’s capable of.

          • The Cell was essentially built for streaming games from servers – which (Sony) didn’t go through with as global network speeds still too slow, so on and so forth. As an standalone console 360 is designed better (unified memory, and so on).

          • Yup.. and that’s why I bought the PS3, after waiting a year or two… I could see the potential.. but clearly Sony made it to difficult to bother with, which is just silly.. but there you go.

            It’s why I still prefer to play games on my PC than the PS3.. the PS3 has been gathering dust for over a year now and I’ve only had it for 2 years.

    • I was thinking about this just the other day, specifically about the Metal Gear series. That trailer for Ground Zeroes is absurdly amazing for current gen consoles compared to MGS4 and other such games released so many years ago now, but then I take a look at the difference between MGS2 and 3 and GZ looks more plausible. I think we’ve still got some life left in this generation.

  • Im sure if this was for next gen it would sell consoles but I’m glad it is on current gen, this will be Rockstars magnum opus. Everything they have learnt, both game wise and tech will be here. When a game looks this good, I don’t care if it’s 720 or 1080, it’s irrelevant to me.

  • Maybe a PC version hasn’t been announced yet because they’re planning to overhaul the graphics to keep up with current gen PC hardware, right? Right? Am I being too hopeful? I’m being too hopeful..

    • Kind of, I guess.

      But remember all of Rockstars GTA releases (GTA III onwards) were released AT LEAST 6 months after the console release. Plus they’ve already said they’re not focusing on the PC release just yet.

  • Not to mention the next gen isn’t out yet and unless you count WiiU it could be another year or more. What possible gain could Rock* get for not bringing out a game for an extra year or so?

  • I never thought it looked ‘Next-Gen’. Judging from the current videos/screen grabs, a lot of the game is still low poly models, but with nicer looking spec and normals. The renderer is also giving a nice realistic California look too. Game engine rederers have advanced a lot since GTA4.
    It looks beautiful for a Grand Theft Auto game, but still no better than nice games like Uncharted 3.

    • It may not look better than Uncharted 3 – but just remember the scope by comparison.

      Uncharted 3 is meticulously crafted and rigid as all hell. Naughty Dog can control the angle and distance of every frame so as to ensure near pixel-perfect representation for detail-over-distance (LOD).

      By comparison, GTA V offers a lack of control of how things are viewed – everything needs to LOD according to real time camera-to-object distance. The fact that nearly every model can be viewed from 360 degrees at any distance is phenomenal at their ratio of fidelity:scale.

      I think what they do, by comparison, far surpasses that of Uncharted.

      • This was always the reason Crash Bandicoot looked 10 times better than anything else on a PS1, because they didn’t have to waste polygons on anything outside the camera’s fixed viewpoint!

  • I think the big determining factor is the user base. Why make a launch Next-Next-Gen game for a few million consoles when there are 10’s of millions of consoles of this gen already sitting in consumers homes?

    • If Just Cause 3 takes a lesson from GTA mission structure and gameplay, I will give it a go. Just Cause 2, beyond blowing shit up and flying military jets, was boring.

      • ^ This and also JC2 needs some sort of cover mechanic – your character is like a bullet magnet and here you are scrounging around for ammo on craphouse guns whilst your assailants hit you with infinite ammo.

    • At least it means Red Dead will be on the next consoles. I am willing to wait for what that will allow them to do.

      I have always preferred Red Dead Redemption to GTA.

    • I just remembered my shiny new P3 from 1999 had 256MB of RAM. Consoles – you make my inner hardware enthusiast sad.

  • Chill out, the rumour is that late next year an enhanced version will be released for pc,Wii-u and the next Sont/Xbox condoles.

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