Wife Leaves Game-Addicted Husband Who Spends 25 Hours A Week Playing… Second Life

Wife Leaves Game-Addicted Husband Who Spends 25 Hours A Week Playing… Second Life

No, you didn’t just wake up from a bad dream of the future and find yourself safely back in 2006. It’s still 2012 and an Australian man who still plays Second Life has seen it cost him his marriage.

The 51 year-old man, who “cannot be named for legal reasons”, saw his 33 year-old wife up and leave when she grew sick of his 25 hour-a-week Second Life habit. His online porn addiction wasn’t helping, either.

Australia’s Federal Magistrate’s Court has awarded the wife custody of the couple’s two children.

Not that I want to judge someone’s life purely on the excerpts of court transcripts printed in the media, but… yeah, if in 2012 your man is playing Second Life at all, let alone for that amount of time, it’s probably a good time to go.

Get a life: Wife walks out over husband’s gaming addiction [News.com.au]


  • Yeah nice one! Not that I want to judge, but I’m going to anyway and if your man is playing a dumb old game that smelly son of a bitch should be kicked to the kerb!

    • Haha nor would I. To non gamers then yeah that must seem really bad. 25 hours a week is a quiet week for most gamers I know. At least those that are not parents. And that goes for both guys, girls and couples who game.

    • It is if you have a a wife and kids! 25hrs a week is more than 3 hrs a day!

      Not a worry if it’s the middle of the day and noone’s home, but I’m lucky to have the whole family together for 3 hrs on a weekday, if I forgo time with them to play games constantly, then I’m neglecting them and it’s not cool.

      • Yeah. Even without the kids 25 hours a week could be pretty bad if they’re the wrong 25 hours. I know people who have put half that amount of time into constructive hobbies and managed to ruin their relationships.

        • Definitely. If you constantly forgo time with your others for hobbies, you can’t be too surprised when they take it as “I’d rather be doing this than spending time with you”.

  • 25 hours doesn’t seem all that much, in combination with a bunch of other stuff (failing to spend any time the wife/kids, helping around the house, satisfying the ol’ better half) sure. I probably do a good 25 hours or more a week gaming (granted after sitting kids for awhile I can’t see this being possible with children, so maybe that’s it).

  • 25 hours a week.
    5 hours a week, and the weekend is off, which is unlikely.
    3 hours a day, 5 hours per weekend. Perhaps more accurate.

    It does seem like a bit much. Plus, online-porn addiction is kind of an important thing.
    I think it’s not as small as “video games”. There was clearly some issues in this guy.

  • wait wait wait…51 year old guy just had 33 year old wife leave him and she got custody of the kids. can you say trophy wife?

  • Recent studies showed 80% of Second Life players are sex addicts engaging in virtual sex, even though 90% of them have offline relationships, so this is not surprising.

  • I’m going to say that Second Life may be a Symptom of a Bad marriage rather than the reason it ended.

    Second Life + Porn. He wasn’t getting what he wanted in the bedroom and was pursuing it through other avenues. I’m not saying he wasn’t getting any, just he wasn’t getting what he wanted.

  • To hell with Second Life, I have World of Tanks addiction. Last week on break I played 348 matches, which, assuming the average match time is 5mins (a conservative estimate), works out to 30hrs total game time. I am not proud of this figure.

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