World Of Warcraft To Sell Virtual Kittens To Raise Money For Sandy Relief

World Of Warcraft To Sell Virtual Kittens To Raise Money For Sandy Relief

OK. I may not love playing World of Warcraft, but I am happy to give credit where credit is due: this is both cute and awesome.

World of Warcraft is adding a new pet to their pet store. First, it’s a kitten, which is just great on general principles. Second, it’s on fire, which is impressive if impractical. But third, and most importantly, the purchase price of the fiery feline goes entirely to help recovery efforts from Sandy and other natural disasters.

Hurricane Sandy, which kept our site offline for a week, left a trail of devastation in both the Caribbean and the American northeast. The cinder kitten costs $US10, all of which will go to the American Red Cross.

Cute and charitable? That’s a winning combination.

Cinder Kitten Charity Drive for Superstorm Sandy Coming Soon [World of Warcraft]


  • They are doing it for tax cuts, it’s very shady.

    Instead of giving their OWN money for charity causes to avoid tax + make the company look good.. They instead use your money.

    • Considering this was datamined a while ago and was planned as a pet shop purchase for a while now, it pretty much IS their money that they’re giving up since all the proceeds would have otherwise gone to them anyway if it was business as usual. Its not like they made the pet post-Sandy specifically for this purpose, they had planned to sell this on the store anyway, its just now they’re donating 100% of the proceeds to charity which is pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

  • It’s nice to see Blizzard do this, like when Japan was hit last year they did a similar thing with some bird pet, which I have funnily enough. Obviously this costs them nothing, or very much next to nothing, but it all goes to a good cause, so good for Blizzard and those who buy it!

  • Will be getting one, it really is a win win, i love pets, it looks awesome and people who see you with it, know you bought to support a good cause.

  • Blizzard do well by doing this, they actually announced the pet awhile ago just it wasn’t ingame and was going on sale soon, Sandy hits and they decide to donate 100% of sales to the red cross. Good on them, tax cut or not you can’t say they made it and announced it before a natural disaster just hoping for one so they can cash in on it.

    • So people shouldn’t donate because companies with money should donate? Why can’t both happen?…. This is awesome because it gives people incentive to donate who otherwise might not, and it raises awareness for the support needed for relief efforts.

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