World Of Warcraft's 8th Birthday Video Spectacluar

World of Warcraft turns eight this year, so Blizzard put this video together highlighting... well, lots of gameplay. You could joke that the reason there's no "then and now" shots is because the game has barely changed in that time, but seeing as it still attracts millions of players a month that's probably more of a compliment than a potshot.


    Mmmm Vanilla raiding was good, Burning Crusade was where I had the most fun.

    You could joke that the reason there’s no “then and now” shots is because the game has barely changed in that time...

    I'm not sure if this is meant to be facetious or not. Unless you don't count as being significant changes:
    - Changing most of the Vanilla WOW content and updating the graphics and textures
    - Completely changing the talent and levelling system
    - Changing the way raids work and introducing raids that require less people
    - Phasing
    - Adding in game cinematics
    - Introducing new races and classes and opening up classes to existing races
    - Adding dailies
    - Changing the abilities of each class significantly
    - Updating the graphics engine
    - and whatever other significant changes they've made over the years are.

    I had a good run with WOW for a few years, but in the end MMOs are too involving for my lifestyle. I'd kinda like to revisit it and see what's new in MOP but it's that pesky subscription...

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