Xbox Live Turns 10: Let's Look Back At Its Best And Worst Moments

Today, Xbox Live turns 10 years old, meaning it's finally as old as the majority of people who use it. Joking aside, Xbox Live has had its peaks and valleys, with both good and bad memories. Let's take a moment to reflect back on those.

You're probably familiar with the bad ones. People who shoot their own teammates. Adolescents cursing out their mothers, like in the now-infamous video above. Guys who send girls nasty messages and ask them if they work at Hooters (yes, this has happened to me). People who try to hack your account with really convincing messages ("I wurk at Msoft. Gimme your monies.")

But there's also a lot of good to come out of interacting with people on Xbox Live. I met one of my best friends on Live, back during the heyday of the original Left 4 Dead. I've never said "thank you" as many times as I have playing that game, either from someone knocking a Smoker off of me or healing me with their own med kit. The video to the left is actually from Left 4 Dead 2 in Scavenge mode, which arguably relies on the most tight knit teamwork to survive. I usually play that mode with two people scavenging for gas tanks, throwing them down to the generator, car, etc. while the other two fill it up and protect each other.

You need cooperation and teamwork to succeed, and while I've definitely met my fair share of idiots playing that game (what do you expect with Xbox Live now at 40 million members), I've also met a lot of decent teammates. And one very dear friend. And maybe you've met a really awesome beatboxer.

So, for me, memories of playing Left 4 Dead (and its sequel) are the highlight of Xbox Live.

What about for you? Share some stories — good and bad — about your experiences with Xbox Live over these past 10 years.


    Xbox Live in it's entirety. Warts and all is what I like best.

    As someone not offended easily by racism and bigotry (ultimately, they're just words), I used to have a laugh just listening to kids and even adults slinging racial slurs and sexist remarks back and forth. Hilarious stuff.

    But of course, anytime playing with friends and family online is a blast. Shame we've had to pay for it.

    the only thing i really dislike about Xbox Live is the god-awful voice chat. The sound quality and the fact I have to yell to get the voice activation to register is a major pain.

      it's actually the mic not the voice chat.

    I spent a good few hours with some stranger (now on my friends list) coming up with new names for the entire roster of Marvel v Capcom 3 while we played. My team now consists of Freddy Mercury (Mike Haggar), Piccolo (Super Skrull) and Groper (Shuma Gorath).

    Another dude and I had a "theme teams" restriction, my favourite of which was Chair Squad (Magneto, Doom, MODOK). I wanted to make the Shakespeareans, but could never find a third to accompany Thor and Arthur.

    The days of Maggots vs Glitch on aussiexbox, and the fun we used to have playing Splinter Cell: Panddora Tomorrow & Chaos Theory.

      Hey man!

      Rainbow 6 MvG was still the most fun I think Ive ever had playing games online. Plus I still have my stubby holder around somewhere....

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