Xbox Live, Your One-Stop Shop For Angry Dudes

Look at them. Angry dudes, the lot of them. Well, maybe the Fable guy isn't. You could say he's either grimly satisfied or smilingly malicious.

The rest, though? Angry dudes.

@hunicke [Twitter]


    Would have appreciated some well thought out commentary about what this says about the modern (xbox) gamer, or perhaps what M$ feels is their target demographic, or even a story about female protagonists, or even a story about aggression and gaming.. anything, some sort of deeper analysis. I'm not one to comment on these Plunked articles (thats my new word for a Plunkett article that I would have liked to have more depth) but I was actually looking forward to this read. I had assumed that this was where this story was headed... :(

    Hmm, I would say only Skyrim and Walking Dead look "angry". Borderlands guy is crazy (although you can't really tell because of the mask), and everyone else has a look more akin to grim determination.

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