Yes, It Is Off-Putting When There's An Achievement For Staring At A Woman's Chest

Rock Paper Shotgun points us towards this great video by OXM, on the subject of women in video games. It starts a little slow, but bear with it. By the time you get to Mass Effect's "d**ks in a cupboard", you're well on your way.

I wouldn't often say a video I post here is required viewing, but this comes pretty damn close.

The OXM Breakdown : Women [YouTube]


    I don't know what's worse, the very moot and deplorable subject matter, the extremely bad taste presentation, or the self righteous neckbeard presenting this drivel.

      Lol! I know. He's so upset. For the women.

        out of interest, what video are you guys responding to? because i don't think its the one above.
        You can't be referring to a video that involves strawman matt, or that ends with him saying 'shut up and let me save you woman'

    I don't mind a bit of boobage. Okay, I love it. But I agree that in a lot of games, it's immature and tedious.

    Comedy can be an incredibly effective tool when used in an informative video!

    Unfortunately this is not in play here... at all.

    Is BioShock the best example to use here? I mean sure it's a lot of cleavage on the dress, but is it pandering to horny guys or just a cool looking outfit? That's not just a 'sexy' outfit it's a interesting outfit.

    So... boobs are offensive or something? Liking boobs is wrong?

    Will people like this not be happy until I am either gay, or treat every woman like a pristine unapproachable object (yes, it's objectification - just of another sort). My wife would certainly take issue with that - she enjoys it when I find her sexy. Fun things for both of us happen.

    I'd just like to say that I've knocked one out over Bayonetta and I'm not ashamed of that at all.

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