You Can Now Play Windows' Famous Solitaire Anywhere

And you don't even need a Windows tablet, phone or laptop to do it. Designer Evan Roth has made this deck of cards called Solitaire.exe, which recreate the famous Windows 98 deck of cards for use in the real world.

The cards should recreate everything short of the chaotic victory screen, but then, you can always do that just by freaking out and throwing the cards all over the room.

You can buy one at the link below, if there are any left by the time you get there (there were only 500 made).

Evan Roth Solitaire Deck of Cards [Cooper-Hewitt, via Laughing Squid]


    Does the sun randomly have a smiley face wearing sunglasses?

      My thoughts exactly. Was going to post that but assumed the young-uns wouldn't have understood. Thinking this way makes me feel like a solitaire vet. .

      *Rocks on Rocking Chair*
      "Back in my day, Suns on decks of cards randomly pulled faces at you..."

    Seeing this now, I'm amazed that this wasn't thought of before... They are pretty damn cool!

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