You Can Start Tapping Curiosity’s Cube On November 7

You Can Start Tapping Curiosity’s Cube On November 7

Curiosity will launch early in the morning on November 7, developer Peter Molyneux announced on Twitter today.

“Curiosity will be out on 7th November 2012 at 00:22PST 08:22UST,” Molyneux wrote. “The development has been a fascinating ride,release will be 10x fascinating.”

Curiosity is the first experiment from Molyneux’s new studio, 22 Cans. The iOS app lets players from all over the world log in and tap away at a giant cube. Eventually, someone will reach a “life changing” something at the centre, and 22 Cans will be there watching not only how everyone played with the cube, but how (and what) news travels when a player reaches the centre.

Top image: 22 Cans’ Facebook


  • I hate it when they expect us to do the marketing for them.

    You know what’s going happen already, they are just going to announce some new game when people have clicked enough. It’s no different than asking for retweets or likes.

    What happens if people don’t bother? They won’t release their trailer?

    • If this was EA or Activision and tied into the latest modern setting FPS I’d agree, but it’s not. Molyneux tends to over over exaggerate his games but he’s still really passionate about creating a unique and fun experience. I could be wrong, but I can’t see him making this whole thing just a marketing stunt to unlock a game announcement or trailer.

      • However, with Molyneux, its just as likely that the entire game will be in black and white, and when you reach the centre, you get to see a blob of colour.

        • Surely it’ll be a dead cat? Except that Molyneaux will have promised a cat that curiosity killed and delivered a live mouse.

      • The cube will be chipped away by the curious people of the world, just as planned in Molynuex’s grand vision, until one person will reach a life-changing something at the centre.

        A coupon code for a bottle of mountain dew and a bag of doritos.

  • It’s going to be dick pics of Molyneux isn’t it.

    Is this actually going to cost money to play or is it a free app?

    • IIRC, it’s free to tap, but you can buy quantities of taps to make it go faster with some obscene amount being the maximum you can spend.

  • Apple’s got a patent on this:

    pat no. 142005385
    An interface acted upon which a user will cooperate with other users to unlock an element, with or without an active Internet, IPX, LAN, Bluetooth or WiFi or other connection with which data would be collaborating simultaneously. Such an interface and whole entity is not limited by color, dimensions, data size before and after collaboration.

    I expect this thing to be breached and exposed before intended anyways.

  • “Life Changing” eh? Maybe it will be a tally of how much money and time was wasted on it with a message describing how people would rather spend their time and money clicking a box on a screen instead of actually living their lives. Though he has actually got me curious about what he’s up to, but not enough to spend my time on it.

  • Well, I’m certainly curious. I’ll probably give it a few taps, but it’ll probably be a let down no matter what’s at the centre.

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