You Don't Need A Multipass For This Incredible Cosplay

Fifth Element? Dissidia? A gender-bending Dragon Age outfit? What a week it's been for awesome cosplay.

Yup, below you'll find a dude dressed as Dragon Age's Morrigan. And it totally works. As does everything else in an unusually strong week for the feature.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on the "expand" icon on the main image above and select "open in new tab".

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it...yeah.

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    WARHAMMER 40K!!!! :D

    ... but WHY the HECK is the bolter so damn SMALL?!
    Also, i'm not sure what armour that is, but i'm pretty sure it's not sister power armour :P

      That's an inquisitor with a bolt pistol, methinks!

        Nope. Definately a sister. The insignia on her boobs gives it away. Same said for the armour shape and hair.
        As for the bolter, it's definately a bolter and not a bolt pistol. Bolt pistols don't have the grip at the front and the muzzle is just infront of the clip, hence half the size. It's just a very small-looking (albeit cool) bolter :)

          What are you talking about, that's World Of Warcraft! *flame suit on*

            At least you didn't say "gears of war rip-off" :P

    what is connor doing in a bamboo forest? and no morrigan does not work
    also the jack one is awesome

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