You Might Be Able To Download Wii U Firmware Updates In The Background

You might be able to download the Wii U's large, slow-downloading day-one firmware update while playing games, according to online reports from Wii U owners on Reddit and GoNintendo. It seems that there's a secret background-downloading option. Good to know!

We can't test it on our already-updated Wii Us, but those of you who are just getting a system might want to try this out: When the system asks if you want to update the firmware, don't do it. Click "cancel". If you've already set up a Wi-Fi connection, the firmware update will supposedly download in the background. Later, if you're prompted again, it should be saved in your system, waiting to be installed.

Please note that we have not tried this, but users on Reddit and GoNintendo say this has worked. Please also note that the system does not make it obvious that background-downloading is an option. If we'd known it was possible, we'd have told you all sooner!

If any of you have gotten this to work — or if you can confirm that it doesn't — please chime in below.

Wii U will download the update in the background. [Reddit, via Twitter] RUMOR - Download the Wii U day-one update in the background? [GoNintendo]


    Games might be region-locked.
    Upscaling of Wii/VC games might be happening.
    Non-Motion-Plus Wiimotes might work.

    It's getting harder to find out clearer details on seemingly insignificant stuff, but I remember this was what the Wii launch was like.

      Those three things sound like hopeful rumours. Official word from Nintendo has stated games will be region locked and you need Motion+ Wiimotes for most (or all, I don't recall) games. As for Wii/VC games considering how the console handles them I doubt that will be the case.

      There's no way games won't be region-locked. I will backflip down my whole entire street if it happens.
      Upscaling of Wii games does happen in a sense. The Wii U outputs a 720p signal to your TV, but the Wii games are rendered at 480p or whatever and that image is stretched out to fill the 720p signal.
      Non-motion plus remotes will work where Motion Plus isn't required.

    Would there still be the possibility then of the console 'bricking' if the background update is interrupted?

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