Your First Dragon Age 3 Screenshot Is Tiny, Blurry

BioWare revealed the first screenshot for the upcoming Dragon Age III yesterday at... the Bradford Animation Festival in England. It was only shown for a few seconds, but that was long enough for an attendee to grab a shot.

As you can see, Dragon Age III will feature both land and sky. And potentially grass. Reports indicate that may be a large statue on the right, but so far this is unconfirmed.

First Dragon Age 3 screenshot revealed as BioWare art and animation director praises Frostbite 2 [Eurogamer]

Dragon Age 3 Screenshot at Bradford Animation Festival [BioWare]


    BioWare says it's concept art:

    It's actually concept art, not an in-game screenshot Chris Priestly says right there in the second link.

    So is Dragon Age 3 going to be a Frostbite 2 game?

    DICE obviously made one hell of a versatile engine.

      Yep, they've been working with the new engine for about a year.

    Ahh like a Japanese penis.

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