Yup, Helping Make League Of Legends Sounds Like An Awesome Job

CNNMoney runs videos of people who they think have great professions. Who's in their latest batch? None other than Ryan "Morello" Scott, lead content designer on Riot Games' League of Legends.

In the segment, Scott talks about the different ways one can get into the game design field, as well as detailing the career path that got him to Riot. There aren't any LoL secrets to be found in the clip, but it's nice seeing a phenomenon like the company's hit MOBA game get some recognition in unexpected places.


    'get paid to play video games' is exactly the kind of headline that causes game design courses to be filled with the wrong kind of people, I've experienced it personally. It's like selling the idea of becoming a film director because you love watching movies not because you love the art of visual story telling.

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