Yup, The Secret Nintendo Song Is In The New Animal Crossing

Kazumi Totaka, a sound designer and musician at Nintendo, is responsible for one of the sweetest traditions the company has in its arsenal: Totaka's Song, a ditty he first composed in 1992 and which has featured in every game he's worked on since.

While the song has appeared in many games, it's perhaps best-known for its inclusion in Animal Crossing, in particular the rendition coffee-shop crooner K. K. Slider plays if you request it.

So it's nice to see it's returned in the latest game in the series, New Leaf, as you can see in the video above.

Totaka's Song in Animal Crossing: New Leaf [YouTube, via Go Nintendo]


    Not counting Wii Sports. Which was one of the most forced beliefs ever.

      I... huh?

        In Wii Sports, people thought that his song was in the sound of the rackets hitting the ball in Tennis. If you record all the sound effects and move them together you'll "hear" it.

    From the linked Kotaku article: "Not every game he’s worked on features the song, though. Nobody has been able to find the ditty in Wave Race 64, Wii Sports, Wii Music, Healthy Recipe Assistant 1000: DS Menu Anthology, Super Smash Bros. Brawl or the Wii’s menu channel music."

    I could see it in the video above. After I went to the original article which states at what time it begins.

    PLZ BE BETTER WRITER IN FUTURE PUKE LLUNKET! *waits for KotakAU hate spam*

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