Zenonia 5 Comes Alive On Android This Week

Zenonia 5 Comes Alive On Android This Week

Gamevil’s ever-expanding mobile action RPG series turns five this week, with the release of Zenonia 5: Whee of Destiny for Android devices. Has it really been five games already?

That’s the joy of mobile gaming. While the console folks are still sitting around waiting for Square Enix to finish up a Final Fantasy game that was announced five years ago, Gamevil drops a Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin into an expansive 2D fantasy adventure and releases the fifth game in a series that’s only what, three years old?

Look for it this week!


  • Is this a games article or games ad?
    I’ve never played any of the games and I was hoping when clicking on this article it will tell me something insightful.
    How about explaining how good/bad the series is and if it’s worth getting instead of just saying it’s out “this week”.

  • This Zenonia is probably the prequel of all the series’ episodes out now. The main character with the large sword looks like Regret’s father Dupre during a time when he was young and that paladin blonde girl is probably the one who’s going to be his wife. If I’m wrong then they’re probably Dupre’s parents judging that Dupre had the same look as the black-haired guy and the blonde hair came from the paladin girl.

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