2012 Movie-Trailer Mashup Achieves Melodrama Overload

I love a good movie trailer. It's all drama and intrigue, panning shots and portentious voice-overs, with some exciting music underneath. Who knows if the movie will be good? And in the middle of a good trailer, who cares?

And so, I love this supercut by SleepySkunk, which combines a crapload of trailers from the year in film into one megatrailer. Bonus: It starts out with "Pruit Igoe" by Philip Glass, which many of you may recognise from that amazing first trailer (and eventual soundtrack) for Grand Theft Auto IV.

What was the best movie you saw in 2012? Are there still some you've been meaning to see? I still haven't seen Argo, Wreck-It Ralph, Looper… the list goes on. I did manage to see Skyfall, though. It was pretty good.

Talk movies, or whatever else, here or over in the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum. Have good chatting, see you tomorrow.


    nicely done.

    so from what movie was the tracking scene of the cyclist that as he crosses a tee-junction a taxi crashes into another car nearby?

    I think Pruit Igoe was also used in watchmen, during the dr manhattan memory jumping scene. Pretty cool piece.

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