24 Signs Of How Far Video Games Have Come

We've already looked at the signs that show how video games have matured in the last year. Pulling from the ESA's 2012 statistics on video gaming, BuzzFeed has put together a list of 24 signs that video games have grown up in a much more simplistic way.

Namely, that they're damn old now and maybe so are you.

Here are a few of them:



    "There is an entire generation of kids who have never played video games with a controller."

    doubt it. the no controller fad is basically over.

      I think it was obviously a shorter of way of saying "there is a possibility there are kids out there who have never used a controller to play games because they have not had to" they pretty much made it more short and sweet yeah?

      You mean you have to use your hands? thats like a baby's toy!

        Watch out kid, I'm a crack shot at this!

        Literally watched that last night. Again.

      Yeah, the tablet and smartphone fad was great while it lasted though...

        You know what I meant. You trying to be funny failed.

          You trying to belittle motion controls failed, whereas GerminalConsequence made me chuckle

            I tried to belittle it? lmao. I just said the fad was dying, which it is. Why get upset over it?

    Sonic has been old enough to drink since 2009. Video games have come a long way, but Kotaku hasn't.

      In the US, the legal drinking age is, for some reason, 21.

        I am well aware of that, just making an implicit statement about articles being directly copied from the American site.

    Entire generation who hasn't played with a controller?


    The Wii remote is still a controller, which can also have the Controller pro attached, and even Kinect bundles come with the standard controller.

    So which generation is being spoken of that has never used a controller? Because unless there's a secret human colony on Mars, that's incorrect.

      What about touchscreens on tablets/phones or Kinect?

        I mentioned Kinect in my comment.

        This generation you speak of that has been using only touchscreens (in other words, kids under 4), are still goign to eventually end up using a controller.

          I hope so! I can't stand touchscreen controls for anything other than basic point and click stuff.

      there is a secret human colony on mars, but its only elon musk on weekends.

    You know what makes me feel older than any of this? The fact that most kids these days can't fathom entering text with a T9 keypad.

    Plus the fact that the Pokemon picture at the top of the page is about 170 fifth-gen ones short...

    I felt old a year+ back not long after he Pokemon Gold/Silver remakes were out. Was talking to a couple of kids I was looking after about the game and mentioned that it was the first game to have a Pokemon follow you around since Pokemon Yellow. Right after I said that I realised that they hadn't even been born when Yellow was out, let alone played it.

    It took me a moment to figure out the Sonic is old enough to drink one, because I was thinking wasn't he 15 in 1991 so he was able to drink in 1997. Than I realise they meant the game cartridge is 21 years old.

    Just on Sunday I saw a girl with a Game Boy case for her iPhone. I went up and asked (she mustn't have been any older than 14 - I was right on the money, go me :P) how she would even know what a Game Boy was.

    It's fun being old and creepy.

      Kids of that age should not be allowed to own a smart phone. Just ridiculous that parents would spend the huge on a device like that for a child.

    I was speaking to someone the other day about an old RPG that they had tried out, and as they were explaining it to me, they spoke of cut scenes and random encounters as something surprising and a thing they had never come across before. As someone who's been into RPGs for more than a decade and been a gamer a lot longer than that, I felt really old.

    649 pokemon? When the shittin' butts did that happen?

      My feeling old moment came about when my nephew saw my super NES and asked me why you can't take the cord out

        Oops, that was not meant to be a reply to your post, Rade

          Well shit, now I don't feel loved.


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