7 Seconds Of Brand-New BioShock Infinite Gameplay

Formerly one of 2012's most anticipated games, BioShock Infinite will hopefully be a highlight of February, 2013. But a game out of the public eye can be a game we begin to worry about. What can assuage concern? Not box art. Not models. No, we need to see gameplay. And we need to play this game.

Courtesy of the folks behind Spike's Video Game Awards, we've got eight seconds — hey, it's something! — of new BioShock Infinite gameplay for you to enjoy.

You can see the full thing during the VGAs which air on Saturday. The VGAs are both an awards show and a showcase for many of the big games planned for release next year. Expect to see full, new trailers for The Last of Us, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 and Gears of War: Judgement . You can watch super-short teasers for those trailers here.

Infinite is eligible for fan voting for the Most Anticipated Game award. Vote for it, if you want GTA V, Tomb Raider, South Park: The Stick of Truth and The Last of Us to lose.

Love or hate the VGAs, they should produce a fair amount of excitement on Friday. We'll be covering them. You might even see one of us on them (on the second-screen version of the show at least).

BioShock Infinite will be out on February 26 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Wow. Really not impressed by this game. Art is beautiful, but from gameplay videos demonstrated, it's really looking like same average Bioshock FPS gameplay. From an artistic POV, BS1 is fantastic, gameplay is really outdated and plays like a 90's FPS. HOPEFULLY Irrational have taken some lessons from COD, Halo and Farcry.

      7 seconds and you shat all over it...

      Good, I'll take any 90's FPS over modern CoD, Halo, etc any day. Whoever designed the 'aim down sights for super-zoom' which has now become standard in 90% of games deserves to die (that and the guy who thought locked 60-70 FoV was a good idea).

    COD 4 MW and Far Cry 1 & 2 actually require the player to use tactics and stealth - assuming you're playing them on a mode above Normal. Bioshock 1 had so many options with plasmids, but the whole game could be completed using Electric Shock and the Shotgun. I never needed to use Bees Swarm, Dummy Target, Cyclone traps or Enrage at all. There was no need to hide, crouch or conserve ammunition or med packs

    And zip-lining around the city? That's like a building that transforms into a robot. What's so fun about that?

    Last edited 05/12/12 12:51 pm

      Sounds like someone has a bee storm in their bonnet.

      7 whole seconds??

      Last edited 05/12/12 3:26 pm

      >actually require the player to use tactics and stealth - assuming you're playing them on a mode above Normal.
      What's your point? That can be said about nearly any game.

      Far Cry 2 has got to be (literally) the most repeditive shooter I've played in terms of gameplay and missions. And yet I still went all the way through and finished it.....

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