A Gaming Mouse That Rolls On Giant Gold Rims

You can say a lot of things about Leetgion's El' Druin gaming mouse. About the only thing you couldn't say is that it's boring. Just look at it. Forget what it actually does for a second and just look at it. I've never seen a mouse like it. Which in a crowded peripheral marketplace surely counts for something.


DPI: 100-5000 Weight: 120g Programmable Inputs: 12 Profiles: 4


STRONG - The El' Druin is one tough mouse. It's extremely well-built, from the base to the buttons to the cord. So it'll be durable, and reliable. The buttons and clickwheel feel especially sturdy.

BUTTONS - Many top-shelf gaming mice get bogged down by having too many buttons, but the El' Druin gets around this with two smart pieces of tech, a scrolling wheel on the side of the mouse (in addition to the top clickwheel) and a small d-pad-like button on the left, which makes toggling between gear a breeze.

FAST, ACCURATE - The El' Druin does what a gaming mouse needs to do, and does it well. You can adjust the specifics via DPI changes and profile switching, of course, but no matter which you plump for this is a snappy mouse.


DESIGN - In crafting a unique exterior, the El' Druin sacrifices comfort. It's not an issue if you're playing in short bursts of 2-3 hours, but I found using it as my mouse for a day's work that after 4-6 hours my hand was getting sore from the wonky positioning required to actually hold it.

WEIGHT - There's no option to customise the weight in the El' Druin, which counts against it considering its price and place in the market.


This is a great mouse if you only ever play for short amounts of time, or play a lot of games where the more controls you can keep off the keyboard, the better (so, Diablo, etc). If you play for longer spells though, or need finer control over the weight of your mouse, you may need to look somewhere else.



      "There’s no option to customise the weight in the El’ Druin, which counts against it considering its price and place in the market"

      Exactly... whats the price of the damn thing?

      "The El'Druin just got officially released (or it should be in a while) so currently we only have a recommended price tag which is set at around USD89.95 inside the USA and 69.95Euros (estimated - not official) inside the EU and so just like the Hellion it's placed right alongside with the most expensive gaming mice in the market."

      Source : http://www.nikktech.com/main/articles/peripherals/1158-leetgion-el-druin-rpg-gaming-mouse (NIKKTECH
      Monday, Dec 17, 2012)

    It looks so much nicer on the side than from above..

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