A History Of Nintendo Consoles, Presented As Beautiful Animation

While it's missing a few machines, now is not the time to get pedantic, because Anthony Veloso's animated tribute - featuring vector art by Quentin Dron - is a fantastic way to reacquaint yourself with decades of good times.

History of Nintendo 2012 [VIMEO]


    That quality Plunkett journalism.

      Its offensive that Luke is not even aware that Evan has already posted it.

    I always like things like this but I just wish it was like... complete. Shoulda had the Color TV Game System and the Virtualboy, also if they were doing some hardware revisions, should have done all of them.

    Still cool though.

      Also GBA SP

        So much SP <3
        I'm pretty sure that little beast is why my long distance vision is so horrible though.

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