A Look Inside The Brand New Square Enix Cafe

Famed Japanese game maker Square Enix recently launched a new establishment called Artnia. Inside, there are figurines on display, plush toys and accessories to buy, as well as CDs, t-shirts, pricey souvenir chocolate and cookies.

This isn't just a gift shop. There's also a cafe that serves parfait, pancakes, sandwiches, coffee and original non-alcoholic "potions", as well as mixed drinks.

Artnia is located in Tokyo's Shinjuku Eastside, in front of the company's new headquarters. If you are in town, it might be worth checking out.

The top photo is by @felmata, while, in the gallery below, Flickr user marshal.alloc does a fantastic job of capturing Artnia's interior.

ARTNIA着いたー [@felmata]

Top picture: marshal.alloc


    Aww man that is freaking awesome!

    Admittedly I don't see a lot in the pictures.. not many angles of the room(s) etc.. but it comes across as a little too busy.. too cluttered to be aesthetically pleasing to me.

    Where's the poster for the newly announced Final Fantasy 13 part 4?

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