A Year's Worth Of Stupidly Realistic Military Simulator Action

Forget all these DayZ blow-ins. Before there were zombies, BI's ArmA II was a game known for its brutal adherence to military strategy, an uncompromising sandbox in which people could get close — but not too close — to actual combat conditions.

Nothing shows this more elegantly than ShackTac's 2012 Year in Review video, which compiles the year's best footage from the group's exploits in the game. If you need to know what's special, know that every person you see is being controlled by a human player, and that a single bullet can, and often will, kill.

ShackTac 2012 Year in Review [YouTube, via PC Gamer]


    I wish the next DLC for Battlefield 3 would make it more like ARMA2.

      This is the stupidest comment I have read all day, (and you were facing stiff competition). They are not, nor are they meant to be, similar, and making one more like the other would break the community of either game.

    I do admirer the work and how serious they take the game, while still keeping it fun over at ShackTac. That's how it was made to be played.

    what's this "was" business? The AusArma community is still well alive and kicking thanks.

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